Filmetrics Resist and Dielectric Thickness Mapping System

Filmetrics Resist and Dielectric Thickness Mapping System


This system measures the thickness of transparent or weakly absorbing thin films using spectral reflectance. This measurement technique is non-contact and non-destructive. The system also maps the thickness variation across wafers. The index of refraction of the material being measured must be known and the sample must be on a silicon substrate.


  • Used to measure the thickness of photoresist layers, oxides, nitrides, and other transparent layers
  • Specifications: Film thickness: 300 Å to 50 µm; Accuracy: ±10 Å on 5000 Å of SiO₂
  • Spot size: 2 mm
  • Automatically maps the thickness of the layer over the entire wafer surface and calculates uniformity
  • Can map the thickness of the films on silicon wafers from small pieces to 8" diameter substrates