Auger Microprobe (JAMP-9500F, JEOL)

Auger Microprobe (JEOL-9500F)


The JAMP 9500F combines Auger electron spectroscopy (AES), ion sputtering and secondary electron imaging for determination of 2D and 3D elemental distributions on surfaces with high spatial resolution. This system can also provide depth profiling analysis.


  • Field emission cathode
  • UHV chamber with translation stage (x, y, z, rotation)
  • Electron optics column for SEM
  • Hemispherical analyzer for AES spectroscopy with 7 channeltron detectors
  • Ion source for depth profiling and in-situ sample cleaning.
  • Optional rotary motion of target for homogenious etching
  • Sample holders available: 1. 12 and 20 mm for samples up to 4 mm thick, 2. 120 mm wafer holder, and 3. cross-sectioned sample holder for up to 7 mm thickness