Spring 2022 Newsletter



Spring 2022 Newsletter

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Stephanie Bozic Retiring

After 20 years helping to train students and build the nanoFAB into what it is today, Stephanie Bozic has announced her retirement. She has been an integral part of the nanoFAB and her contributions will always be valued and remembered. She will be missed but we can only feel happy for her after many of years of service. Read our tribute.

Lithography Processing Upgrade

After nearly 20 years, the nanoFAB has significantly upgraded the spin-coating and developing process equipment available in the cleanroom for photolithography. This upgrade promises improvements on workflow, throughput and repeatability. Read and see more


4D X-Ray Microscopy is Available

Further utilizing the full capabilities of the new Zeiss Xradia Versa 620 X-Ray Microscope, the nanoFAB has developed and commissioned a process for in-situ tensile, compression and thermal analysis, along with deep learning segmentation for low contrast imaging. Read and see more

Engagement Survey

Please take the time to complete our confidential engagement survey. Your feedback is critical to learning, improving and understanding our communities experiences. Engagement Survey

Staffing Update

Haoyang (Emmett) Yu has left the nanoFAB to return to China to be closer to family. Over 2 years Emmett contributed to the growth of the Characterization Team through tool management of the Jeol ARM TEM, commissioning of the Zeiss XRM, Thermo Fisher Plasma FIB/SEM and Renishaw Raman Microscope. We wish him the very best in the next phase of his career.

Michael Hume has also left the nanoFAB after more than 22 years working at the University of Alberta, the last 17 in the nanoFAB. We thank Mike for his many contributions to the growth of nanoFAB and wish him the best as he pursues other professional goals!

Aditi Ganji will begin her maternity leave on June 17th. Please join us in wishing her a healthy, restful and happy time with her new baby!

To accommodate these staffing changes, the nanoFAB currently has positions open.

Funding Opportunities

As an academic researcher utilizing the nanoFAB, you can reduce your research costs by applying for the CMC Microsystems MNT Awards. Successful applicants receive 80% of eligible nanoFAB costs.
Applications are accepted monthly.
NSERC Alliance Grant holders are eligible automatically.