New nanoFAB fabrication staff

The nanoFAB is pleased to announce the addition of two new Applications/Research Specialist staff members to our fabrication group, handling user training, fee-for-service work, and process development on our cleanroom and 10k equipment. Tim Harrison’s areas of responsibility will include physical and chemical vapour deposition, while Breanna Cherkawski will focus on wet chemical processing and optical lithography.

Tim is an experienced deposition and optomechanics fabricator with 2700 hours and counting on nanoFAB PECVD and PVD tools over the course of his MSc project on thin-film optical filters. From design and deposition, to optomechanics and kinematic fixturing, Tim has you covered and is more than happy to help.

A nanoFAB user since 2016, Breanna is currently finishing her PhD as a part of the Engineered Nanomaterials Laboratory and is excited to be transitioning to working for the nanoFAB. She is looking forward to meeting and working with the members of the incredible nanoFAB community.

Please join us in welcoming Tim and Breanna!

Tim Harrison and Breanna Cherkawski, briefly maskless outside the cleanroom.