Spring 2021 Newsletter



Spring 2021 Newsletter

This email is provided as an update regarding ongoing activities within the nanoFAB which may be of interest to you.

X-Ray Microscopy Tool

A non-destructive, high throughput, high resolution X-Ray Microscopy 3D imaging system is now available. Early commissioning data from a variety of nanoFAB groups is provided. Read and See More

Nanoscribe Video Demo

From an invited virtual talk at the University of Toronto, the nanoFAB’s Dr. Gustavo de Oliveira provided an overview and demonstration of micro/nanoscale 3D printing. The lecture can be viewed here.

Confocal Raman Microscopy Now Available

The Renishaw inVia Qontor Confocal Raman Microscope is now open and available for user training. This microscope provides Raman spectroscopy as well as 2D/3D mapping capabilities. Full tool description, capabilities and example commissioning data from nanoFAB groups can be found here.

Funding Opportunities

As an academic researcher utilizing the nanoFAB, you can reduce your research costs by applying for the CMC Microsystems MNT Awards. Successful applicants receive 80% of eligible nanoFAB costs.
Applications are accepted monthly.
NSERC Alliance Grant holders are eligible automatically.

Career Opportunities

Many new positions have been posted to the nanoFAB careers opportunities page. Please check the career opportunities page for the latest companies seeking highly qualified individuals.

Upcoming nanoFAB Cleanroom Changes

In preparation for the installation of our new Atomic Layer Deposition tool, there will be a number of changes taking place within the cleanroom in the coming weeks and months. Key dates and information for this installation and the disruptions to be encountered within the cleanroom are provided on our special projects confluence page. https://confluence.nanofab.ualberta.ca/x/coX3Ag