Fall 2021 Newsletter


Fall 2021 Newsletter

This email is provided as an update regarding ongoing activities within the nanoFAB which may be of interest to you.

Multilevel Deep Silicon Etching

Review the nanoFAB process and fabrication examples of multilevel deep silicon etching. This allows for multilevel designs for various devices such as microfluidics or MEMS.  Read and See More

Multi-Ion Beam FIB/SEM Operational

The new Thermo Fisher Helios Hydra Plasma FIB/SEM Dual Beam system is now commissioned and operational. With Xe, Ar, N and O FIB plasma sources, C, Pt and W gas injection system, STEM, EDX and micro manipulator this system is ideal for TEM sample prep, slice and view tomography and advanced versatile/high throughput ion milling. Read and see more

Are you CampusReady?

The University of Alberta recently implemented the Covid-19 Vaccination Directive. To support the directive, the CampusReady Pass has been implemented for all staff, students and visitors. As the nanoFAB is an on-campus service provider, please ensure that you are CampusReady before doing any on-site work.

Funding Opportunities

As an academic researcher utilizing the nanoFAB, you can reduce your research costs by applying for the CMC Microsystems MNT Awards. Successful applicants receive 80% of eligible nanoFAB costs.
Applications are accepted monthly.
NSERC Alliance Grant holders are eligible automatically.

ST Innovations Capabilities

Are you an SME working in the biomedical or health technology space? You may be interested in ST Innovations, a University of Alberta facility catering to SME technology development. Attached is the latest news article about ST Innovation capabilities.