PVD-75 e-beam evaporation system now open for training

The nanoFAB is pleased to announce that our Electron-Beam Evaporation System #2 (PVD-75) is now operational and available for training to all nanoFAB users. The newest addition to our suite of physical vapour deposition (PVD) tools in the 10k area, the PVD-75 is a six-pocket e-beam evaporator with automated deposition recipe control for superior process control and repeatability. The system is dedicated to deposition of metals only: pockets 1–5 are reserved for aluminum, titanium, chromium, gold, and silver, respectively, with pocket 6 swapped to different materials at user request. Although the system is not load-locked, it is capable of a fast pumpdown—achieving a pressure of <4e-7 Torr within 30 minutes—enabling comparatively high throughput.

Main system features include:

  • 6-pocket e-beam hearth
  • Cryo pumped with a base pressure of <1e-7 Torr
  • Automatic deposition recipes via Kurt J Lesker’s eKLipse™ advanced control package
  • 300 mm Ø platen with room for substrates up to 150 mm diameter
  • Rotating substrate holder
  • Typical uniformity of <5% over a 150 mm wafer, <2% over a 100 mm wafer

The PVD-75 is available to users for self-service use (after training) and fee-for-service work. Any users interested in getting trained on this tool are invited to submit a training request via LMACS. If you have any questions, please contact Aaron Hryciw (ahryciw@ualberta.ca) or Aditi Ganji (aganji@ualberta.ca).