Career Opportunity – Bio-Stream Electrical Engineer

Bio-Stream Diagnostics, a local Edmonton based technology development company, is looking to hire a full or part time electro-chemical engineer to support the development of a new technology. Full details are provided in the description below, along with contact information for anyone interested in applying.

Bio-Stream Job description for Electrical Engineering:
We are looking for a full time Electrical Engineer with some experience with OCET’s and an understanding of the functioning principles of organic electrochemical transistors and transduction mechanisms. This position could be a lead on the project to help bring an existing functional OECT design from the bench to commercialization. Design and implement test rigs, work with an interdisciplinary team of clinicians and researchers and manufacturing along with regulatory folks to bring technology to commercialization. Useful skills would include ability to understand electrochemical techniques such as voltammetry, impedance spectroscopy, charge/discharge and reliability tests to characterize, understand and improve various designs.

Bio-Stream Diagnostics Inc
Lee Marsh CTO