Spring 2020 Newsletter



Spring 2020 Newsletter

Here we provide an update regarding ongoing activities within the nanoFAB which may be of interest to you.


COVID-19 Update

The nanoFAB remains open and operational. We thank all community members for following our procedures and policies outlined on our Knowledge Base. As the University of Alberta begins reopening, we ask our community for patience as we deal with increased demand. Keep Reading


Interfacial Tension

Interfacial Tension (IFT) analysis is now available on the FTA200 Contact Angle system, for surface tension and interfacial tension. Training available through LMACS request. Keep Reading


Bosch Polymer Removal

An overview of DRIE Bosch polymer formation, along with a comparison of removal procedures and techniques are provided. An image gallery is available to see polymer results from different processes.
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Did you know?

To support researchers in their EDX/EBSD analysis from home during COVID-19, Oxford is now offering the full Aztek Suite at no cost for a limited time. Click on the link for further details, Free Full Access to Oxford Aztek Suite.

Upcoming Events

The nanoFAB maintains an online listing of upcoming no-cost vendor webinars and seminars, that may be of interest to you and your research. Check out our Public Seminars Confluence page on our Knowledge Base.

Currently there are 11 various fabrication and characterization webinars listed through out the next 3 months.  The list is updated regularly.