COVID 19 Update (April 6)

The nanoFAB remains open and operational.

We continue to encourage those that feel unwell or are sick to stay home and away until feeling better; any users exhibiting cold- or flu-like symptoms will be asked to leave. All nanoFAB staff are available via email, Hangouts or through LMACS requests should assistance of any kind be needed.

The nanoFAB COVID19 Response page on our Knowledge Base website provides further details on our new policies and protocols for continued access and usage of the nanoFAB. Please review these measures prior to accessing the nanoFAB. The nanoFAB Door Access Hangout group chat can be used to gain access to the ECERF building during business hours, for those without afterhours access.

Below is a summary of the implemented protocols to observe common best practices

  • All visitors should observe social distancing of 2 meters when working in the nanoFAB. This includes interactions with staff and other colleagues in the nanoFAB.
  • Limiting the number of people in the gowning room to 2, so that appropriate social distance can be maintained.
  • Training requests will now be handled on a case by case basis, depending on the specific tool, ability to keep social distancing and the urgency of the request. Specific decisions will be communicated via the LMACS request system.
  • Regular disinfection of high-touch common areas and equipment,
  • Providing access to hand sanitizer prior to accessing any labs and gloves for use on any equipment.
  • Encouraging staff and community members to stay home and away if sick, and
  • Staggered staff shifts to ensure maximum operational ability.
  • Please continue to use the LMACS request system for communicating any equipment, maintenance, training, sample analysis or processing needs, thereby limiting personal interactions.

We would like to thank all nanoFAB community members for following and respecting our new policies and procedures over the last few weeks. It’s through observing these guidelines that we are able to remain open and operational.  While temporary, these policies will be in place until further notice. Moving forward updates will only be provided if the situation changes.