Summer 2020 Newsletter



Summer 2020 Newsletter

Here we provide an update regarding ongoing activities within the nanoFAB which may be of interest to you.

Open and Operational

The nanoFAB remains open and operational. We thank all community members for following our procedures and policies outlined on our Knowledge Base. We ask our community for continued patience as we deal with increased demand.
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FTIR Microscopy

The nanoFAB is pleased to announce that the upgrade of our FTIR Nicolet 8700 system is complete, and IR microscopy is available for training and analysis. Keep Reading

Maskless Lithography

The new Heidelberg MLA150 maskless lithography system is now available for training. This is for fast prototyping without the need for a photomask. To learn more about its capabilities, Keep Reading

Did you know?

Over the last 30 days there were 293 active users from 88 different academic and industry groups access the nanoFAB. We are encouraged by our communities interest in getting back to work, and the role the nanoFAB plays in supporting research, development and manufacturing.

Upcoming Events

The nanoFAB maintains an online listing of upcoming no-cost vendor webinars and seminars, that may be of interest to you and your research. Check out our Public Seminars Confluence page on our Knowledge Base.