Operational Update



Operational Covid-19 Update

To support the nanoFAB remaining open and operational, an update to the nanoFAB policies and procedures have been made and posted to our COVID-19 Response page on our Knowledge Base. Effective August 10th, the following will apply.

1. Split Staffing

Effective Monday August 10, the nanoFAB will operate with a split shift model for staffing. Staff members whose job functions can be fulfilled from home, will primarily work from home, as per University guidance. Remaining staff members who are required on-site to fulfill their primary job functions will work on-site daily, in two non-overlapping shifts. There will always be approximately 6 staff members from Characterization, Fabrication and Operations groups on site. Consult the COVID-19 Response page for specific staff schedules. Staff changes will be updated on the Response page.

  • 08:00 – 13:00 (AM Shift)
  • 13:00 – 18:00 (PM Shift)

During these shifts, the primary focus of staff will be user training, service and maintenance of equipment. We remind everyone that they should utilize the LMACS for submitting requests and communicating with staff.

2. Mandatory Face Masks

As per City of Edmonton by-laws and University of Alberta guidance, it is now mandatory to wear face masks inside. This includes the hallways, laboratories and common areas of the nanoFAB. Please ensure you are wearing your face mask upon entering the ECERF/CME building and working in any nanoFAB spaces. You must wear your own face masks; the nanoFAB only provides face masks for those working in 10K and the cleanroom.

3. Building Access

University of Alberta buildings continue to be closed to the public. Access to the nanoFAB can be provided to your OneCard by completing the Temporary Door Access Form. Please ensure you have submitted the form and received access prior to any training or equipment bookings. Requests are usually completed within 2 business days.

4. Virtual Meetings

The nanoFAB will now primarily conduct meetings with users virtually. While on site, drop in discussions with staff are welcomed, any formal meetings will now only be scheduled virtually.

Below is a summary of the implemented protocols posted to our COVID-19 Response page.

  • All visitors must wear a face mask upon entering the ECERF/CME buildings and working in nanoFAB spaces.
  • All visitors must observe social distancing of 2 meters when working in the nanoFAB. This includes interactions with staff and other colleagues in the nanoFAB.
  • There are space occupancy limits for all laboratories and areas of the nanoFAB, including gowning.
  • Regular disinfection of high-touch common areas and equipment.
  • Providing access to hand sanitizer prior to accessing any labs and gloves for use on any equipment.
  • Encouraging staff and community members to stay home and away if sick.
  • Use of the LMACS request system for communicating any equipment, maintenance, training, sample analysis or processing needs, thereby limiting personal interactions, and
  • Until further notice all public tours of the nanoFAB are cancelled.

We would like to thank all nanoFAB community members for following and respecting our new policies and procedures. It’s through observing these guidelines that we are able to remain open and operational. These policies will be in place until further notice.