Summer 2019 Newsletter


Summer 2019 Newsletter

Here we provide an update regarding ongoing activities within the nanoFAB which may be of interest to you.


Nanoscribe 3D Printing

Training is now available on the Nanoscribe 3D printer, which is capable of mm-scale structures with sub-micron feature sizes. Real time printing video of 300 µm structure available at link.  Keep Reading.


New Knowledge Base

The nanoFAB has released a new online knowledge base as a repository for SDS, SOPs, policies & procedures, how to’s and other documentation. The site will continuously be updated.
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Solar Cell, OLED testing

Training is now available for the Fluxium Paios electrical testing system. Ambient, heated and low temperature testing of solar cells, OLEDs and other photoelectric sensitive materials is now possible. Keep Reading

Did you know?

Many employers ask the nanoFAB to post employment opportunities, because they are seeking people with experience working characterization or fabrication. Check out our Career Opportunities on our website. We currently have two postings for a Photonics Engineer and a Manufacturing Scientist/Engineer.

Upcoming Events

Save the Date Notification
Lab2Fab: Innovation for Life
November 4, 2019 – Edmonton, AlbertaThe nanoFAB will be hosting a User Community Meeting on
Tuesday September 3rd @ 3pm in ECERF W1-028.
All are welcomed to discuss applications and operational needs.