Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT open for training

We are glad to announce that our new Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT 3D printer is now open for user training. This 2-photon polymerization (2PP) lithography system allows for the creation of generic 3D structures from STL files as well as by directly programming the path of the laser focal point, opening the path to a large variety of structures that can be produced. With proper configuration, the user can obtain up to mm-scale 3D structures with minimum feature sizes ranging from 100s of nm to several µm. More information about the Nanoscribe PPGT system can be found on its tool page.

The Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT is available to users for self-use (after training) and fee-for-service work. Any users interested in getting trained on this tool should submit a training request via LMACS. If you have any questions, please contact Aaron Hryciw ( or Gustavo de Oliveira Luiz (

Various orders of Hilbert cubes. Scale bar: 100 µm. Structure from Thingiverse.

Double weave from a truncated icosahedron. Scale bar: 100 µm. Structure from Thingiverse

Four microlenses in close-packed hexagonal array. Scale bar: 5 µm.

Gecko-inspired biomimetic adhesive structures. Scale bar: 10 µm. Structure courtesy Sameoto group.

Real-time printing of Faculty of Engineering logo.
Logo diameter: 300 µm.