Fall 2018 Newsletter

Fall 2018 Newsletter

Here we provide updates regarding ongoing nanoFAB activities which may be of interest to our user community.

2018 Image Contest 
The second annual nanoFAB image contest is now open! Submissions are due by November 30. Full contest details and prizes can be found here, and previous winner can be found here.

Advanced Ion Milling
Our newly installed Leica Ar Ion Milling System is commissioned and available for general access. Large area SEM, high quality TEM and gentle polishing sample preparation is now available.

Thermal Oxide Calculator
As part of the nanoFAB Toolbox initiative, we are pleased to publish a thermal oxide calculator.

Did you know?
The nanoFAB Zeiss Sigma Field Emission SEM original top lasted 34,371 hours before needing a tip change. That’s over 1,400 days of continuous use. Also, the nanoFAB updated it’s evacuation procedure in case of a building or facility event. Please review the updated procedure.

Save the Date
The nanoFAB will be hosting a User Community Meeting on Tuesday December 11th. All will be welcomed to discuss applications and operational needs. Further details will be posted shortly.