Winter 2017 Newsletter

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2017 nanoFAB User Survey

New Equipment/Processes

Installation is complete for the new JEOL ARM 200CF, Cs-corrected atomic resolution cold-FEG S/TEM. The installation process can be viewed from this time-lapse presentation.

Installation is complete for the new Oxford Cobra Metal Etch ICPRIE system, which is now available for training. This is a chlorine-based chemistry plasma etch system enabling highly anisotropic etching of a wide variety of materials.

Ongoing Work

The nanoFAB is always working on exciting things to support our user community, including;

  • The nanoFAB recently completed the purchase of new PlasmaTherm PECVD tool, Leica carbon/metal coater system for microscopy sample prep and new Zeiss stereo microscopes. These tools will be commissioned in March.
  • New sample submission process will be rolled out shortly. This will be an online system to make the handling of the over 3,500 sample submissions more efficient for users and nanoFAB staff.

Interesting nanoFAB Facts

  • The new TEM lab housing the JEOL ARM 200CF has the following environmental stabilities;
    • Floor vibration: < 3.1 µm/s
    • Temp drift: < 0.2 C/h; fluctuations < 0.05 C/min
    • Magnetic field: < 0.05 µT compensation off; < 0.01 µT compensation on (DC and AC fields)
  • Since Jan 1, we have provided 9 tours to 227 people, including undergraduate/graduate courses, visiting professors/companies, conferences and donors/alumni. We are happy to showcase the nanoFAB for any occasions. Tour requests of the nanoFAB can be made through our website.

Did you know

There is an academic cap of $6,000 per quarter. If you are writing grants, this value represents the most you can pay in a single quarter of usage.

The nanoFAB has 208 pieces of equipment available to users. Please review our characterization and fabrication equipment list.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the nanoFAB or content in our newsletters, please contact us.

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