Metal etching with the Oxford Cobra ICPRIE

Our Oxford Instruments Cobra ICPRIE tool is now online and available for user training. Primarily intended for etching metals using chlorine-based chemistries, this flexible, load-locked plasma etcher is plumbed with Ar, O₂, SF₆, CHF₃, Cl₂, BCl₃, and HBr, enabling highly anisotropic etching of a wide variety of materials. Recipes currently exist for etching chromium, gold, and silicon, with process support for other materials available upon request.

Features include:

  • Non-toxic gases: Ar, O₂, SF₆, CHF₃
  • Toxic gases: Cl₂, BCl₃, HBr
  • Continuous quartz clamping with He backside cooling
  • 100 mm & 150 mm wafer handling available
  • 5 kW ICP generator
  • LN2 Cooling with high-temperature platen (–110 °C to +400 °C)
  • Single-wafer load lock

For more information, please contact Aaron Hryciw. Any nanoFAB users wishing to use this tool should submit a training request via LMACS.

Cross-sectional SEM image of a 5 µm via etched through 200 nm Cr on a thermal oxide substrate.