Fall 2016 Newsletter

New Equipment/Processes

The following new equipment and processes are now available in the nanoFAB.

Memsstar vapour HF etcher, providing gas-phase (dry) etching of sacrificial oxides, enabling stiction-free release of devices for MEMS, Si photonics/optomechanics, and other applications looking to move away from wet etching.

Suss MA/BA6 Gen3 mask/bond aligner, commissioned to 0.70 micron feature exposure, is capable of automatic mask to wafer alignment and backside optical alignment. It also provides for aligned bonding in conjunction with the nanoFAB Suss Bonder.
Installation of Canada’s first JEOL ARM 200CF, Cs-corrected atomic resolution cold-FEG S/TEM is underway. A time-lapse presentation of the tool installation is provided on our website, and we encourage everyone to check our progress regularly (click on “View TEM lab” link). Hint: try the virtual reality mode on your cell phone.
Ga-FIB commissioning on the Zeiss Orion NanoFab Helium Ion Microscope is now complete, allowing for (1) fast and sophisticated patterning with Ga-FIB; (2) hybrid fabrication with Ga and He beams; (3) sample preparation for internal structure characterization and (4) 3D FIB/HiM tomography.

Ongoing Work

The nanoFAB is always working on exciting things to support our user community, including;

  • With Dr. Jillian Buriak (Chemistry) as the lead PI, the nanoFAB submitted a $15M CFI Innovation proposal. Should it be successful, key tools to be purchased include; XPS, Dual-Beam FIB-SEM, X-Ray Microscope, Raman Microscope, 100 kV EBL, ALD, 2 photon 3D printer, nanomaterials ink-jet printer, and other items within the categories of Lithography, Deposition and Characterization.

  • With Dr. Ying Tsui (ECE) as the lead PI, the nanoFAB submitted a $300 000 NSERC operations proposal. Should it be successful, the nanoFAB looks to provide greater financial sustainability to its operations.

  • Relocation of common computing area and establishment of new collaborative working space for users to accommodate for our growing user base.

Interesting nanoFAB facts

  • The full volume of air in the cleanroom (55 000 ft³), is changed every 55 seconds at a downward velocity of 25 feet per minute.

  • The nanoFAB has a 16:1 tool-to-staff ratio. Your patience is appreciated, as our staff deals with the ongoing volume of requests associated with each tool.

Did you know

The nanoFAB is currently in the process of evaluating new PECVD, rapid thermal annealing, EM sample preparation, and optical microscopy systems. If you have any comments or technical interest in these tools, please contact us.

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