Happy New Year – The Helium Ion Microscope is Up and Running!

The Zeiss Orion Helium Ion Microscope (HiM) has been successfully installed at the nanoFAB. The Helium Gas Field Ion Sources (GFIS) provides novel and unique microscopy and nanofabrication techniques. It enables high resolution imaging of insulating materials and devices with great surface sensitivity and depth of field. Ultra high resolution fabrication can be achieved by direct patterning (material removal by sputtering) or lithography (resist exposure) with speed and ease. The system is also equipped with a Ga-Focused Ion Beam (FIB) column for massive material removal.

The final commissioning of the microscope will start in the new year. Please contact Aaron (ahryciw@ualberta.ca ) or Peng (peng.li@ualberta.ca) if you are interested in HiM applications (imaging and fabrication).  nanoFAB microscopy team will be willing to work on your samples/devices during commissioning of the system, if they are in line with the process development.


A pattern directly exposed (and imaged) by HiM onto a SiN cantilever. Sample courtesy of Ms. Wei Zheng, Prof. Evoy group, ECE department, University of Alberta.