Solidus MEMS Probe Station Workshop

ACAMP will be hosting a workshop on MEMS characterization featuring the Solidus STI 3000 available for measuring the most important MEMS characteristics at the wafer, die, and packaged levels.  Measurements include resonant frequency, quality factor, stiction, hysteresis, spring constant, and more.

Please consider attending this free workshop hosted by ACAMP introducing Solidus Technologies to learn how to take advantage of this MEMS parameterization system for your prototyping and manufacturing needs.

Solidus Workshop Agenda

  • Solidus Company Overview
  • MEMS Devices and Market review
  • MEMS Testing Methods “Static vs. Dynamic Testing”
  • Solidus Dynamic Measurement Overview
  • What Solidus can do for you
  • Solidus Test System Discussion
  • Solidus Data Examples
  • Solidus Device Demo’s

Registration is Free and Required