Electron Microscopy Workshop, Nov. 5 & 6, 2014 (UPDATED: online demo signup form).

The nanoFAB is pleased to be organizing a Microscopical Society of Canada (MSC) electron microscopy (EM) workshop, jointly with NRC/NINT for November 5th and 6th, 2014. As an MSC event, it is open to the public.

The workshop consists of talks (Nov. 5th) and demos (Nov. 6th) highlighting general advances in EM tomography and nanoFAB EM suite capabilities and applications.  FESEM with EDX/EBSD, Helium Ion Microscope (HiM) and Cs corrected high resolution S/TEM, will be discussed in detail presented by manufacturer scientists and application engineers.

Demonstrations will include; 1. low voltage SEM imaging 2. fast EDX mapping  and 3. simultaneous EDX/EBSD analysis all on the newly installed Zeiss Sigma FESEM within the nanoFAB facility.

A brief tour of the nanoFAB cleanroom and HiM lab will also be provided for those interested. For workshop details, please see the attached schedule.

Sign up online for your interested tour/demo sessions.

The nanoFAB will also be pleased to offer test sample runs (SEM/EDX/EBSD) for workshop attendees  if arrangement is made prior to the workshop. Please contact Peng Li (Peng.Li@ualberta.ca) if interested.

Microscopy Workshop Program (921 downloads)


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