SEM camera and Wafer Holders

nanoFAB Users,

Our Scanning Electron Microscope (Leo 1430) now has an IR camera installed.  We also have 4″ & 6″ wafer holders available for use. The camera allows for ‘looking’ into the chamber once it is pumped down.  It allows for identification of which sample is being imaged, or if the sample is near hitting the SEM insides.  It is a very useful tool and will make imaging much easier.  It is very simple to use.

We have also purchased wafer holders for the the SEM for 4″ (100mm) and 6″ (150mm) wafers.  This will allow for full wafers to be put into the SEM and look at partially processed wafers.

If you want to use these features, contact Scott Munro.


Ken Westra

nanoFAB Director