EBL Processing upgrade

The nanoFAB has purchased a cold plate that can be used for cooling fluids to approx. minus 20 deg. C. at present.  This allows us Raith users to do cold development of positive tone EBL resists (PMMA, ZEP) and obtain superior resolution (15 nm line-widths) and reduced line edge roughness at various voltages.  The cold plate is now ready for general use and an SOP is available in the nanoFAB resource library (quick link below):

Stir Kool SK-12D Cold Plate SOP

To view the improvement using cold development, please view the following document (also on nanoFAB resource library):

ZEP Exposure Results (see page 2)

If you’d like further information, please contact ebl.nanoFAB@ualberta.ca