LPCVD Update

All of the undoped Si deposition processes on the LPCVD are now available for use with 4″  wafers. The processes that are available are:
1) Amorphous Si
2) Low Stress Si (film is made up of 1/2 amorphous material and 1/2 poly material .. as observed in TEM images)
3) Poly Si (undoped)

The wafer boats will take 22 wafers at one time. The pricing is the same as SiN ($20 academic/hour and $90 industry/hour)

Now we have both all Silicon Nitride and undoped Si processes available to the user community. See Les Schowalter if you need films deposited.

The Oxide tube and Phosphorous doping commissioning will begin towards the middle to end of May, as we are waiting for parts.