NanoFab, Micralyne partnership enables access to state of the art ASML Stepper Technology for NanoFab Community

The University of Alberta nanoFAB is proud to be partnering with Micralyne by adding this exciting new capability.  This unique partnership enables access to a very powerful technology that will no doubt help our steadily expanding local research community as well as our colleagues at Micralyne. This technology will help bridge the gap between micro and nano patterning, giving the researchers at Micralyne & the University of Alberta yet another tool to their already impressive list of capabilities.

The purchase, installation, operation, and maintenance of the stepper will be managed through a cost-sharing partnership with Micralyne. This innovative arrangement enables Micralyne and the University to each acquire this increased capability for a much lower cost than if the organizations acted independently. Additionally, the University of Alberta and Micralyne are working together to build a stronger nanotech industry in Canada by providing access to a key piece of equipment to researchers and industries looking for faster, smaller, more efficient technology..

Formally called the ASML PAS 5500/60, the stepper improves the level of lithography control and geometries in which academic and other high-tech users of the nanoFAB require. “The addition of this tool to our facility is another example of why the nanoFAB is at the cutting edge of process equipment, not only in Canada, but across North America,” said Ken Westra, nanoFAB Director. ”The stepper enables users to develop very fine resolution devices, and multilayer projects in a faster and more accurate format than is presently available.

About the University of Alberta nanoFAB
The University of Alberta nanoFAB is an open access micro and nano fabrication research facility. Our mission is to provide the equipment, infrastructure and expertise necessary for our user community to achieve their research goals. With approximately $27,000,000 worth of micro and nano fabrication equipment and infrastructure, our instruments represent the state of the art in optical mask generation, electron beam lithography, PVD, LPCVD and PECVD deposition of thin films, deep Si etch processes and micro and nano embossing. The nanoFAB is an unparalleled Canadian academic facility for cutting edge micro and nano fabrication research and development.